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Found 2 results

  1. EA Quantum Lab

    EA Quantum Lab

    Добрый день Меня зовут Виталик. Я являюсь разработчикам торговых систем (Роботы, Советники, Индикаторы, Скрипты) уже более 5 лет.В роли памм управляющего пробую себя первый раз. https://alpari.forex/ru/invest/pamm/477710/#pamm-returnКраткая информация о данном счете:На счету установленно 3 торговые системы:https://alpari.forex/ru/invest/pamm/477710/#pamm-returnEA Golden Star.Советник торгует исключительно по двум парам EURUSD и USDCAD Торговая активность не более 1-2 сделок в неделю по каждой паре. Ea Golden Rose.Советник торгует исключительно по двум парам XAUUSD и GBPUSDТорговая активность не более 2-4 сделок в неделю по каждой паре.EA Dream Catcher.Советник скальпирующий
  2. EneaDoku

    The Reasoning Of A Losing Trader

    Many professional traders describe how their transition from a losing trader to a winning trader required accepting that losing was part of the game If you get out even, you can say, “I wasn’t wrong. I didn’t make a mistake.” That need not to be wrong is exactly why people lose. So, the irony is that amateur traders lose money because they try to avoid losing. Professional traders, however, understand that they need to take losses in order to win. They understand that taking losses is an integral part of the trading process. To win at trading, you need to understand that losing is part of the game. 3 Questions for you. Answer in the comment section below, remember you can learn by reading but you will learn more by interacting with other people. I will make sure to reply to all of them. What are some of your own experiences, being afraid to take a loss and how did it turn out(details)? Let say you just discovered you are on the wrong side of the trade, what do you do take a loss immediately or wait to exit at breakeven? What will you do differently from now on to get better at taking losses?
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